Yields: 6 Servings Difficulty: Difficult Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 30 Mins Total Time: 50 Mins

Say Tirunelveli, there are a lot of regional speciality from this district in South TamilNadu. For every one who knows the name of this city, the immediate one is the famous Iruttu kadai Halwa. Thesecond top on this list is Sodhi Kulambu that is unique to this region and cannot be found in any other parts of TamilNadu. There are some hotels in Tirunelveli that serves this kulambu on special days. Though it may look like a simple kulambu, trust me the true flavors of it can be relished by following key steps.

Being a native of Tirunelveli, we have grown up eating this Sodhi in almost all marriages. It is also called as “Mappillai Sodhi” as it is always considered to be very prestigious to serve it to the son-in-law when ever he visits. The key step that is elaborate in making this is extracting the coconut milk. Also, the right amount of coconut milk and vegetables to make it. My mom often uses half of a coconut to feed sodhi for 3 people. So be generous in using coconut. Also, the coconut milk extracted from fresh coconut is always tasty over canned coconut milk.

The vegetables that are normally used to make are potato, carrot, drumstick, garlic , brinjal and small onions sometimes. This sodhi is served with a spicy potato poriyal , appalam and some Ginger pachadi/chutney. To enjoy the perfect taste from Sodhi, serve it in generous amount with rice.


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  • In a pan, add a teaspoon of oil. Sautee an inch of ginger and green chilli until they get roasted.
  • Transfer to a mixer jar. Add one teaspoon of grated coconut and roasted gram. Grind them to a fine paste with water.
  • In the same pan, add drumsticks, carrots, potato, garlic along with third coconut milk. Let them begin to cook. Add brinjal and let them cook until vegetables are half done and salt to taste. .
  • Once the vegetables are half done, add mashed moong dal to it along with second coconut milk and grounded paste.
  • Let the sodhi gets thickened and raw smell goes off. Add the thick first coconut milk and turn off stove.
  • Heat coconut oil in a small pan. Add mustard seeds, cashews and curry leaves. Let them get roasted.
  • Add tempering to the sodhi and drizzle lemon juice from half a lemon. Serve with rice and potato curry.


  • Use fresh Coconut for best results. In case you cannot, try with caned coconut milk. However, there will be compromise in the taste.
  • In addition to the vegetables used in the recipe, you can also add quarter cup of peeled small onions.
  • Add only the mentioned quantity of moong dal for the right consistency of the Sodhi.
  • Extract three coconut milk from the fresh coconut.

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