Hi Friends,

My name is Mathi !

I love exploring new stuff, be it from cooking to crafting and life skills.

Cooking is an ocean of unexplored treasures and every time I dive in, I come up with a classic recipe. Cooking with love and interest definitely makes a simple dish tasty.

Every family has a different style of cooking and different recipe that they specialize in. I have grown watching my mother cook tasty food for us even in her busy schedule. Being a helping hand in her kitchen, I have gained a little knowledge about cooking. The aroma and the taste of food from my mom’s kitchen had inspired me to start this page.

After marriage, my husband and kids are the backbones that keep me going with this passion.  I will be penning down recipes from my kitchen that I have learned, tried, and tasted over these years,  to help beginners as well as some intermediate cooks like me. No one is an expert in cooking and can call themselves an expert. We are all in the learning boat. Looking forward to sharing recipes on this page that might be useful to some of you!!!! 

Happy Cooking !

– Mathi