Paal Kolukattai

Yields: 5 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 30 Mins Cook Time: 25 Mins Total Time: 55 Mins

Paal Kolukattai is a very tasty traditional sweet that has numerous ways of preparation. This is very famous in the Chettinad area of Tamil Nadu and authentically prepared with jaggery and coconut milk. Some people also make it with regular whole milk and sugar or jaggery. This kolukattai is underrated because of its appearance like a payasam and also for the labor that goes into its making. I love this kolukattai because of the subtle sweetness in it and it is definitely a must-try one. On a rainy afternoon, the kids asked for a snack and were bored. I decided to make this paal kolukattai for them and also make them engaged. We did this as a group activity and they enjoyed making mini balls with me. Of course, there were some imperfectly rolled kolukattai that the little ones made, but it kept them occupied for quite some time. After an hour of completing the entire process, we enjoyed this warm paal kolukattai for a perfect rainy evening. Do try this and share your thoughts in comments.


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  • In a heavy-bottomed vessel pour 1.5 cups of water and allow it to boil. Meanwhile, mix rice flour with 1 cup of water along with a pinch of salt and make a paste. Set it aside. This is done to avoid lump formation when the rice flour is added to the boiling water.
  • When water boils, add the rice flour mix and keep mixing for about 5 mins. The rice flour will get cooked and form a dough consistency. Switch off the stove when it does not stick to the vessel anymore.
  • Transfer to a plate and let it come to room temperature. Grease your palms with little ghee. Knead the dough and pinch small balls out of it. Complete making balls from the entire dough.
  • Now place a wide mouth, heavy-bottomed vessel and pour 1.5 cups of milk in it. Heat the milk and once it begins to boil, drop in the small balls/ kozhukattai . Make sure not to crowd them in the same spot.
  • It will take about 10 mins for it to be cooked. Make sure the entire process happens in a medium-low flame to avoid burning. Once it is cooked, the kozhukattai balls begin to float up and turn shiny. This is an indication that it is cooked
  • Add Jaggery powder to the milk and let it dissolve. Do not let it boil to avoid curdling. Add grated coconut and cardamom powder.
  • Let it cook for an additional 3 minutes. Switch off flame and serve warm. Tastes great even when it is cooled down.


  • Powder the jaggery, boil and filter the jaggery syrup before if your jaggery has impurities.
  • Whole milk can be replaced with coconut milk. Make sure to add it at the last.
  • The addition of edible camphor is an optional one instead of cardamom powder.
  • You can add rice flour directly to boiling water instead of making a paste with the rice flour.

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