Yields: 6 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 30 Mins Total Time: 45 Mins

If you think of Kerala recipes, there are a lot of recipes that come to mind. Coming to sadhya meals, every meal will definitely have this Pradhaman to finish off an elaborate lunch. Pradhaman is a sweet dish made with fruits, dals, or rice ada. I love the Ada pradhaman. Also, I equally love this PaladaPradhaman that is easy to make, and creamy to taste. Try this tasty and Creamy, quick-to-make Palada Pradhaman – a true Kerala Delicacy that can be quickly made at home. Happy Vishu to those celebrating. “May the joy of Vishu bring prosperity and cheer!!!!


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  • Wash and soak rice ada for 15-20 mins
  • In a pan, add ghee, and when hot, roast cashews followed by raisins until they turn golden brown.
  • In the same pan with leftover ghee, add milk and boil until they turn hot. Add pounded cardamom pods and sugar. Boil until sugar melts. Add the soaked rice ada and cook until soft.
  • Once, ada is soft, add two tablespoons of condensed milk and top it off with cashews and raisins.


  • Soaking the rice ada makes it easy to cook as well as reduce cooking time.
  • Always use full fat milk for best creamy pradhaman.

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