Yields: 6 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 6 Hr Cook Time: 5 Mins Total Time: 6 Hr 5 Mins

The Indian subcontinent grows about 6000 varieties of rice. While, the world knows much about the Basmati and the Sona masoori rice, there are may varieties like the rajamundhry, thooyamalli, kaatuyanam, kavuni arisi among those thousand varieties. Of these, the black rice, which is commonly called the Kavuni Arisi in South India, is very good for health. This rice is also called as the “Forbidden Rice”- as it was grown in small quantities for the royals and the commoners were forbidden from consuming them. This Kavuni arisi/Black rice is rich in antioxidants and has anti-cancer properties. Though it seems to appear deep black, it is not. The kavuni arisi has anthocyanin – which gives purple color to this rice. This Kavuni rice is usually used to make payasam, Pongal. I tried making this crispy Kavuni arisi dosai and paired it with a spicy onion chutney and molagapodi.. This was an instant hit at home with kids enjoying it. Don’t forget to try this recipe and enjoy its health benefits.

Try the Onion /Vengaya chutney


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  • Soak two cups of kavuni arisi in water for 6 hours. soak 1/3 cup of urad dal with 1/4th tsp of methi seeds in water for 3- 4 hrs separately.
  • Grind dal and rice separately. Mix them in a wide bowl with salt. Let it ferment overnight or a minimum of 8 hours.
  • Pour a ladle of batter into a hot dosa pan. Spread to a circular dosa. Drizzle gingelly oil all over. Flip and cook other side. Fold and serve with sides of your choice.


  • Replace Kavuni Arisi with any other varieties of heirloom rice varieties.
  • If you like, you can also add a tablespoon of toor dal with urad dal to make this dosa.

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