Beet root – Dry fruit Ladoo

Yields: 8 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 10 Mins Total Time: 30 Mins
You may wonder why I have this post now. Is there any festival or occasion that is lined up? Yes, it is!!! Of late I realized that I am almost with my 25th post in my personal space. Really!!! I am giving a gentle pat to myself and say Go gurl!! For a person like me who always wanted to have a personal cookery blog, this is indeed a huge occasion. My baby steps are getting bigger with the support of my readers. I wanted to give a sweet recipe for the occasion with healthy ingredients in my pantry. Viola !! came to this recipe. This is not recreated and each of the ingredients that went in is from my own thoughts. Do enjoy this very nutritious and guilt-free snack with your family!!


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  • Grate the beetroot and measure half a cup of it. Heat a pan and add a tsp of ghee to it. Add the grated beetroot and sautee it in low flame for abt 6 to 7 mins until the earthy smell goes off and it gets half - cooked. Set them aside.
  • Finely powder the almonds, walnuts, and dates. Set them aside. In the same mixer, make a smooth paste of dates. You can add a few drops of milk to get a smooth consistency.
  • Heat a pan and add a tbsp of ghee to it. Add the grounded dates mixture to it. Keep mixing until 2 - 3 mins, until the rawness goes off. Add the sautéd beetroot to it and mix for another 3 mins. Keep doing them all in medium flame. Add the remaining ghee in portions when you find them sticky. Lastly, add the powdered nuts, mix them well, and switch off the stove. Let them come to room temperature. Roll them into balls and serve. I added powdered coconut to garnish them.
  • They stay well for a week if refrigerated. This is one way for me to sneak-peak beets and nuts for my LO.


  • You can replace beets with carrots and make these ladoos.
  • The only sweetener added is the dates. Adjust the number of dates based on the level of sweetness you need. remember beets also render sweetness naturally. Mine was quite big in size and sweet too. So I limited them to six numbers.

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